Women of Spirit

Volume One

Susie Mackie

This empowering anthology depicts the stories of women who have overcome adversity and thrived.

  • ISBN 9781781328279
  • Published Aug 2018
  • 234 x 156mm (234 pages)


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An inspiring collection of real-life stories for twenty-first century women.

Women of Spirit details the candid and moving accounts of women who have beaten illness, faced racism and bereavement, and overcome a lack of empowerment. Each individual story acts as a guide, giving readers an insight into the tools of resilience used by the women in extremely difficult, often painful, situations.

The challenge faced by women today is how to be truly one’s self in the face of oppression, particularly in an age where youth and beauty are often synonymous. Women of Spirit celebrates the achievements, rather than the appearance, of women who have lived and loved with determination and strength. This compelling anthology serves to encourage the reader to also strive for an emancipated and fulfilling life.

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