Bring on the Blacks [New Edition]

Bring on the Blacks [New Edition]

Desmond Ward


In 1960s Bristol a group of young Bristol Omnibus Company employees set out to overturn the firmís racist hiring policy.

2nd edition

  • ISBN 9781781328286
  • Published Aug 2018
  • Paperback
    216 x 140mm (240 pages)


In 1963 the Bristol Omnibus Company is operating a colour bar and refusing to hire any black or Asian drivers or conductors. Black people organise a boycott of the buses and many white people try to help them. Bristol University students organise marches and speeches in support, but the campaign soon becomes bitter, with people of colour facing aggression and insults.

Dabber, a young white conductor, gives what support he can. His girlfriend, Melody, joins Bristol women as they continue the long struggle to achieve equality. But bus crews have their own problems to deal with as the stresses of the job take their toll. Will the bus company ever bring on the blacks?

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