Peacocks in the Mist

Peacocks in the Mist

Sandra Episcopo Kendall

One woman, two continents, and three loves over a lifetime.

  • ISBN 9781781328422
  • Published Jul 2019
  • 234 x 156mm (372 pages)


Rome, 1926. A young Italian girl, Minnie, has an unexpected opportunity to escape her poor, stifling, family life and move with newly made friends to India. Enchanted with its people and lifestyle, she eventually makes Bombay her home.

Returning to Italy in late middle age, Minnie becomes aware that her life has been divided over two continents. Each country feels alien yet familiar, distant yet close at hand. At ninety, she looks back on her life.

This is the story of courage, of adversity and heartbreak, of integration and alienation, and above all, of one woman’s three passionate, turbulent love affairs, and an unresolved tragedy.

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