The Louise Fawley Symphony

The Louise Fawley Symphony

Rikki Evans

Seduction, spying, and secrets mingle in this playful romp by Rikki Evans. Adults only.

  • New title
  • ISBN 9781781328996
  • Published Sep 2019
  • 198 x 129mm (246 pages)


Meet Louise Fawley – the newest, sassiest and sleaziest agent in Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Follow Louise as she burgles and bungles at Melusine Plastics, gets flirtatious and salacious in Vetchley Castle, grows amorous and glamorous in Sainte-Modeste, and finally, hooks and sinks her villainess on the superyacht Bonquonne.

In this delicious, light-hearted, randy romp, can Louise solve the arcane mystery of La Ligne?

The Louise Fawley Symphony contains material of a sexually explicit nature, so will not be to the taste of every adult reader.

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