The Shining Stone

The Shining Stone

Tales of the Q'Alix #1

Brendan Quayle


Osian, a young hunter, follows the path of his lost kin to Erainn, the holy lands of the tribes, in this epic fantasy.

First edition

  • ISBN 9781800422292
  • Published Mar 2023
  • Paperback
    216 x 140mm (252 pages)


10,000 years after the Great Ice, evil is on the rise. The Morok, a murderous force, has taken over Erainn, the holy land of the tribes, and enslaved its keepers.

Osian, a young hunter, searching for his lost family, comes across a strange object, the Shining Stone, a thing of power, with links to the time before the Ice. He uses it as a weapon against the Morok, but learns it has a mission of its own – and a deadly secret.

Now hunted by the Morok, Osian joins a band of renegades led by the mysterious shaman Tiroc Og and journeys with them to the treacherous Fire Mountains, the lair of the Morok leader, there to seek his family and help free the slaves.

His mission must succeed. But he needs to find the secret of the Shining Stone – before it is too late.

Also available as an ebook on Kindle here.

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