3D Web Cover A Brief Guide to Going Bald

A Brief Guide to Going Bald

50 Tips to Help You Bald with Grace (Hopefully)

James Silverthorne


50 Tips to Help You Bald with Grace (hopefully)

First edition

  • ISBN 9781800422445
  • Published Feb 2023
  • Paperback
    198 x 129mm (66 pages)


Are you someone who is struggling with a receding hairline? Are you clutching onto the hair you have left? Are you nervous about going bald? I understand what youíre experiencing.

I have been through it and have come out of the other side with a new found confidence in the way I look. The journey wasnít easy. The struggle isnít just with your appearance changing, but with your confidence and identity as well.

This book is a guide of 50 tips based on my regression which I am hoping will help you deal with the receding and balding process. It describes a number of different stages, starting with the moment you realise your hair is going, and ending with the realisation that being bald is not a bad thing.

Bald is beautiful.

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