Making My Mark

Making My Mark

Yvette Vanson


A revealing memoir about her four careers – as actor; award winning documentary and BAFTA drama filmmaker; exhibited artist and book co-author and editor. A human rights activist all her life, her personal life was also dramatic.

First edition

  • ISBN 9781800422490
  • Published Jul 2023
  • Paperback
    210 x 148mm (354 pages)


Yvette writes about her careers as she lived them - with boundless energy in an open and vivid style. In a unique approach, her story is interspersed with revealing conversations she recorded with many of her close women friends.

First, Yvette was an actor, then award-winning documentary and BAFTA drama filmmaker; later an exhibited artist, plus book co-author/editor too. She unveils behind-the-scenes insights into her remarkable careers. She is a woman with a clear agenda for change who embraces life with passion. Her commitment to socially-relevant filmmaking, to equality and human rights campaigning is undisputed. Life was not straightforward.

Yvette honestly explores her personal failings and achievements, whilst juggling a complicated personal life. Her drive to make order out of the chaos around her, her appetite for justice, along with her great warmth, are all there on the page!

Also available as an ebook on Kindle here.

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