The Abyss of Possibility

The Abyss of Possibility

Gordon Clarke


A new story collection from the author of 'Someone Else's Gods'.

First edition

  • New title
  • ISBN 9781800422582
  • Published May 2024
  • Paperback
    198 x 129mm (228 pages)


"It has been said that the universe is not only strange, it is stranger than we can think. But not to Gordon R Clarke! In his second collection of stories, reflections, speculations and comedy, he explores the mysterious and the enigmatic in a manner which sheds profound light onto human psychology. By turn disturbing, witty and incisive, he challenges us to examine and question what we think we know."

–– R.N.F. Skinner, author of the novel Still Crazy…, the short story collection After All… and the triplet of novellas These Years: 1973, 1986 and 1991

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