Blood Among the Threads

Blood Among the Threads

A Wrexham Victorian Mystery

David Ebsworth


David Ebsworth's twelfth novel: A Wrexham Victorian Mystery.

First edition

  • New title
  • ISBN 9781800422612
  • Published Nov 2023
  • paperback
    229 x 152mm (288 pages)


He only sought the truth. But some truths are best left buried.

Wrexham, 1876. Meet Alfred Neobard Palmer, an unlikely hero. "It was a death which had brought him here. Death by snake venom, of all things." Palmer – and his more courageous sweetheart, young Ettie Francis. A series of accidental deaths which increasingly seem – well, more than simply accidental. Deaths luring Palmer and Ettie, slowly but surely, towards a terrifying climax through the treacherous waters of the North Wales coast. But can those deaths truly be linked to the huge coverlet on display at Wrexham's magnificent Art Treasures Exhibition? A patchwork of images both biblical and bewitching. And is there, literally, blood among the coverlet's threads? A glittering mystery by award-winning author David Ebsworth.

"David Ebsworth's immersive body of work demonstrates a keen eye for historical detail."
(Vaseem Khan, best-selling author and Chair of the UK Crime Writers' Association)

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