Charlie and the Cry For Help

Charlie and the Cry For Help

The World of Charlie Piper Book 2

Angela Iremonger (illustrated by Carolyn Taylor)


Book 2 in the Charlie Piper series, following 'Charlie and the Great Move'.

First edition

  • ISBN 9781800422636
  • Published Nov 2023
  • Paperback
    234 x 156mm (48 pages)


It’s perfect flying weather around Glossingham Airport, but Charlie is left on the apron all alone and Mr Little, his owner, is nowhere to be seen. After hours with nothing but his dreams to keep him company, Charlie is eventually taken up for a flight and, best of all, it’s to one of his favourite places.

The coastline comes into view and Green Island is seen on the horizon. There’s a rather large cloud in the way, but they just fly round it and nothing changes – until Charlie hears a cry for help. One of his best friends is lost in that cloud and can’t find her way out.

With help from the Control Tower, can Charlie and Mr Little help Meena and her pilot get back to the airport safely?

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