The Red Coat

The Red Coat

A Memoir of Blindness

Elisabeth Standen


A moving and inspiring fictionalised memoir by the late Elisabeth Standen. With an introduction by Elisabeth’s sister, Gwynneth Shakespeare.

  • New title
  • ISBN 9781800422735
  • Published Jun 2024
  • Paperback
    198 x 129mm (306 pages)


‘A moving tale which turns tragedy into triumph, and a lesson to all of us who, from time to time, start feeling sorry for ourselves.’
(The Rt Hon. the Lord Blunkett)

This profoundly moving memoir tells the story of a brave resilient girl with a range of disabilities – including losing her sight at the age of nine – who goes on to lead a life of outstanding achievement and fulfilment.

We follow Lucy Holland (the name Elisabeth Standen gives herself in the memoir) through times of fear and sorrow to moments of pride, celebration and joy. She endures a lot, both as a result of her disabilities and because of the attitudes of some people around her, but she also encounters kindness and understanding in her determination to forge her own path and to achieve all that she is capable of.

An inspiring story and an enduring testament to one woman’s courage and tenacity.

With an introduction by Elisabeth’s sister, Gwynneth Shakespeare.

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