Double Hit

Double Hit

Alec Wright


A tightly plotted, gripping thriller – and a must-read for golf enthusiasts!

  • ISBN 9781906236151
  • Published Apr 2009
  • Paperback
    203 x 133mm (368 pages)


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When Paul Calvert returns to England from Australia with his engagement broken and his career wrecked, he seeks refuge in the peaceful village of Penford in Dorset. Taking a job at a local golf club, Paul tries to build a new life for himself… one which he hopes will include the lovely Jennie Maitland, grand-daughter of the club's President.

But when Paul saves an elderly man from a savage mugging, he makes enemies of a group of young thugs. Murder on the golf course swiftly follows, and Paul finds himself embroiled in a sinister world of intrigue and menace.

Jennie forsakes him and everything begins to fall apart as Paul's investigations lead him deeper into danger – until finally his own life hangs in the balance.

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J A Higgins