Corvette Racing – The GT1 Years

Corvette Racing – The GT1 Years

Nigel S Dobbie


A comprehensive history of the GT1 Corvettes from 1999 to 2009.

  • ISBN 9781906236373
  • Published Nov 2010
  • Hardback 306 pages


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People have been racing Corvettes since about 1955, but until 1998 all of the cars and teams had been privateers. In 1999 Corvette Racing changed all that by becoming the General Motors factory backed professional race team.

In this colourful and lavishly illustrated book, Nigel Dobbie tells the story of all C5R and C6R Corvettes produced by Pratt & Miller engineering, as raced initially by Corvette Racing and subsequently by privateer teams. The book covers in depth all races the cars undertook during the years 1999 to 2009, and includes detailed race histories by chassis of every C5R and C6R Corvette built.

Where can I get a copy?

This book has been a runaway bestseller and we're currently out of stock, however it is available from The National Corvette Museum in Kentucky USA.

A second edition is planned.

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