Bert Random


A gritty and arresting account of 90s free party culture, from Bristol indie press Spannered Books.

  • ISBN 9781906236571
  • Published Jul 2011
  • Paperback
    200 x 132mm (120 pages)


"A vivid account of the squat party experience; a pumped-up Fear and Loathing transplanted to Bristol, England… we are taken on an odyssey, 'aving it to pounding techno in a dirty warehouse. Read this book - the story of the real 90s ecstasy revolution."
Chris Liberator
Stay Up Forever Records

Bert Random's book is a vivid, gritty and arresting account of 90s free party experience, illustrated by Silent Hobo / Boswell / Nik III / Natalie Sandells / Rose Sanderson.

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Read an interview with the author in German "noise and politics" magazine DATACIDE.

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