Pendragon's Banner

Pendragon's Banner

Helen Hollick


Book Two of the Pendragon's Banner Trilogy. Arthur the Pendragon... who fought hard to gain a kingdom... who fought even harder to keep it.

  • ISBN 9781906236656
  • Published Oct 2011
  • Paperback 392 pages


The Pendragon is King, but the battles are not over.

Winifred, jealous, resentful and vindictive, wants to be re-instated as wife to the King – Arthur.

Arthur wants peace for his kingdom and an end to the misunderstandings that arise between him and his wife – Gwenhwyfar.

Gwenhwyfar, frightened for the safety of her three sons, faces grief and turmoil and plots an end to the woman who may cause them harm – Morgause.

Morgause, bitter and determined to achieve power, manipulates those who fall under her spell, except for – Bedwyr.

Bedwyr loves both Gwenhwyfar and his cousin, Arthur Pendragon.

But passion, love and hatred runs side by side and becomes so entangled that even King Arthur finds it hard to unravel the knots from the woven threads.

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