Home at Last

Di Shouls


There's a small boy somewhere... the true story of a family's gift of home and heritage.

  • ISBN 9781906236687
  • Published Aug 2011
  • Hardback
    198 x 150mm (210 pages)


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Di Shouls had always longed for a big family. After eight years of marriage, she and husband Matthew were blissfully happy with their three daughters and one son.

To this couple, children were a joy and they very much wanted to share their very great happiness. As a family they took their responsibilities extremely seriously, and decided to offer a home to a child (maybe more than one) who had been deprived of a normal family life. They felt certain that if they tried hard enough, they could find the right child to whom they could offer family, faith and heritage.

This is the story of their search for that child Jeremy, who was 'a small boy somewhere' who need love, care and a family to nurture him.

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