Jim Costello


The tale of a man's relationship with fate, and the dream of a boat.

  • ISBN 9781906236762
  • Published Mar 2012
  • Paperback
    229 x 152mm (292 pages)


Hiram Montgomery is an ordinary man leading an ordinary life, until three events collide which change everything. Hiram's beloved wife Sarah dies…he is diagnosed with a terminal illness…and he scoops the lottery double rollover, winning millions.

Finding himself financially wealthy in the midst of these life-changing events, Hiram is forced to reassess his life. He decides to fulfil his dream and use the vast fortune to buy a boat on which he can spend his remaining days. But he doesn't want just any boat. Inspired by Star Trek, Hiram commissions a fantasy ship that is like no other.

As leading companies clamour to be a part of this unique and ground breaking venture, the Adongiva project grows ever more prominent as it pushes the boundaries of technology. Even so, on the eve of the star-studded maiden voyage, Hiram is still unprepared for the staggering secret he learns about Adongiva's computer, and how clever artificial intelligence can be…

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