Initial Editorial Assessment

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An Initial Editorial Assessment (sometimes called an Editorial Appraisal) is a professional report on the strengths of your work, identifying areas for improvement.

If you're not ready to start your publishing journey yet, but simply require informed feedback on your writing and perhaps some editorial advice, then an Initial Editorial Assessment is the perfect place to begin.

Send us the first 50 pages (approximately 3 chapters, or 15,000 words) of your manuscript plus a one-page synopsis and covering letter briefly outlining your aims for your work.

We will make a detailed editorial assessment specific to the genre in which you're working.

We'll examine and report back to you on your writing, the structure and characterisation, and the commercial potential of the work, along with a list of recommendations and advice about any areas of your manuscript which we feel may benefit from further improvement.

Along with a detailed written report, you will receive annotations (track changes and comments) on the opening pages of your submitted document.

VAT at the standard rate will be added during the checkout process if you are an EU or UK taxpayer.

What do I get?

  • A summary of the strengths of your manuscript.

  • An overview of the likely commercial appeal of your work, including target readership.

  • An analysis of the writing style and pace.

  • A summary of the areas which may need improvement.

  • Examples of proofreading errors that should be addressed before publication.

  • A detailed written report of at least three A4 pages.

  • A list of recommendations, further reading, and suggested action for improvement.

  • The opening pages of your manuscript annotated with tracked changes and comments, similar to a copy-edit.

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