Literary Agent Submission Package Service

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This service is ideal if you're planning to submit your work to literary agents or mainstream publishers before committing to self-publishing.

Most literary agents receive between 50 and 100 submissions a week, yet only sign up 1 or 2 authors a year. Those are long odds if you're seeking representation for your manuscript. Maximise the chances of your submission getting past the first round of the selection process with excellent presentation, professionalism and outstanding content. These are things you can achieve yourself with hard work, research and persistence, but sometimes professional assistance can make all the difference between a request to see the whole manuscript and yet another rejection slip.

SilverWood Books offers knowledgeable recommendations and suggestions for how to polish and perfect your submission package, with advice on what your covering letter should contain, how to write a synopsis, and what persuades an agent to move beyond these initial documents to your sample chapters. We can't guarantee that agents will accept you, of course, because that depends on so many other factors, but we can help you polish your submission so that you stand a better chance of catching an agent's eye.

This service is £140 + VAT. VAT at the standard rate will be added during the checkout process if you are an EU or UK taxpayer.

What do I get?

  • A full read-through of your submission package: cover letter, synopsis and up to 50 pages from the opening of the book (usually the first three chapters).

  • A detailed written report offering feedback on the positives, but also identifying key areas where improvements could be made, and a list of recommendations.

  • Where appropriate, each of your 3 documents annotated to offer precise supplementary information which supports our written report.

  • Detailed information outlining what literary agents and publishers are looking for when they open your submission package, and how to maximise your chances of them requesting your full manuscript.

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“The personal service I received was superior. No query or problem was left unanswered or unattended.”

Nicholas King