Review Copy Sending Service

Review Copy Sending Service

Send copies of your book to UK reviewers and journalists

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Authors who have published their book with SilverWood can supply us with a set number of paperback review copies and we’ll send them to selected newspapers, magazines or journal reviewers with a covering letter introducing you as an author, along with a printed copy of your AI (Advance Information) sheet or Media/Press Release if you have one.

We'll ensure that recipients of review copies are working in an area appropriate to your book and target audience.

Pandemic update: while many reviewers are working from home, we’re offering an alternative to sending print copies. Instead, we’ll send ebook copies to 15 carefully selected online reviewers.

What do I get?

  • We'll liaise with you to refine our media list and select the most suitable reviewers for your book.

  • We'll draft a covering letter which introduces you as an author and mentions any relevant information which could encourage the reviewer to select your book for review.

  • If you have an advance information sheet or media release we'll print this and include it in the package.

  • We'll send your review package and collate responses in a report which will be promptly forwarded to you.

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“If you’re thinking of self-publishing, I hope you don't go at it alone. With a team like SilverWood behind you, you have the support you need to publish the best work you believe in.”

J A Higgins