promise of salvation 3d cover

The Promise of Salvation

DI Jeff Lincoln Book 4

Nikki Copleston


Nikki Copleston's latest thriller in the Jeff Lincoln series sees the DI take on new mysteries and challenges.

  • ISBN 9781800421547
  • Published Nov 2021
  • Paperback
    229 x 152mm (330 pages)


When little Yazmin Fletcher’s bones are discovered in Wiltshire woodland twenty years after her disappearance, DI Jeff Lincoln promises Sonia, her mother, that he’ll find out what happened to her. His efforts are hampered by his new boss, though, who’d rather he investigated an incident at the country club.

But then local aristocrat Hugh Buckthorn dies, apparently in a bizarre sex game, although Lincoln suspects murder — and he’s soon proved right. Once a headline-grabbing playboy, Buckthorn had become a respected art historian, returning to the family seat of Greywood Hall with plans to restore its fortunes. But who wanted him dead?

Searching for Buckthorn’s killer, Lincoln and his team at Barley Lane uncover a trail of fraud and deception going back decades. And then Sonia decides to take the law into her own hands… This is the fourth book in the series featuring DI Jeff Lincoln.

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