A quick guide to publishing with SilverWood Books

Want to publish now?

We've made things simple with a 7-Step plan to get you started.


Check our FAQ page and browse our optional Services for Writers which can help to give your work that final professional polish.


Decide which of our Publishing Services Packages is right for your needs, or drop us a line if you plan to feature photographs or other images. Our Learning Zone also offers extra information about publishing which you might find helpful.


Contact Us with an outline of your project, telling us which services and publishing services packages you feel best suit your aims for your book. If a publishing services package doesn't cover what you need, please let us know as we regularly work on full colour books packed with photographs and illustrations as well as children's picture books. If required, we can also work with you on a Services-Only basis: you supply us with your ISBNs, we produce your book (managing the entire process up to the point of printing), and you handle your own book distribution after publication.


It's helpful at this stage if you can send your manuscript as a Word document attached to an email according to our Submission Guidelines.


We'll review your manuscript, give you brief feedback free of charge, plus an estimate of publishing costs if the manuscript is ready for publication with SilverWood. We'll also ask you a little more about your plans for marketing and selling your book. Please be aware that we're selective about the work we take on, and are keen to work with pro-active authors who'd like to benefit from our professional expertise and support. You should allow up to 10 working days for feedback and an estimate.


If you decide you'd like to publish with SilverWood, please review our standard Publishing Terms and Conditions and then complete the Publishing Order included with your estimate. We'll let you know what else is needed for us to start work on producing a high quality print and ebook, designed and produced to the highest industry standards. We'll also keep in touch with you throughout the publishing process.


You'll take delivery of the copies of your book you've ordered for personal use, and we'll take care of the rest - fulfilling retail and wholesaler orders, maintaining stock, taking care of invoices, keeping accounts and calculating author royalties.

Want to get started?

Contact us now, and tell us more about your publishing project! lalala

“The personal service I received was superior. No query or problem was left unanswered or unattended.”

Nicholas King