The Red Effect

The Red Effect

Harvey Black


Harvey Black's wartime novels continue in the first of a thrilling Cold War series

  • ISBN 9781781320884
  • Published Apr 2013
  • Paperback
    216 x 140mm (256 pages)


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1983, the height of the Cold War. An unarmed civilian plane is shot down over the sea of Japan by Soviet forces. The world holds its breath…

Politicians tiptoe cautiously around the brink of war, the fate of civilisation as we know it in their hands. So far a tentative peace has been maintained between the western Allies and the Soviet Union. But all that is about to change.

With tensions running high and Soviet forces gaining strength, NATO forces must prepare for the worst as they are catapulted towards all-out war. Is the entire Western world doomed to destruction?

Harvey Black’s gripping alternative history of the Cold War turning hot puts readers at the heart of the action, from political offices of Moscow, London and Washington DC to the checkpoints of East Berlin, where British soldiers Jacko and Bradley are planning for an event that they can’t predict, that they aren't even sure is coming.

Bursting with suspense, political drama and military expertise, this first instalment of the Cold War trilogy will have readers hanging on until the final page, spines chilled at what could have been.

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