The Riddle of Trefflepugga Path

The Riddle of Trefflepugga Path

Matlock the Hare Book 1

Phil and Jacqui Lovesey


Welcome to the majickal world of Winchett Dale in this adventure for all ages.

  • ISBN 9781781321836
  • Published Apr 2014
  • Paperback
    214 x 140mm (396 pages)


The path, Mr Hare, is alive. It controls your destiny. The only way to beat it is to solve the peffa-ancient riddle of Trefflepugga Path…

When Matlock the Hare’s beloved home of Winchett Dale is threatened by the arrival of a mysterious stranger, the only way he can save the dale is by taking a perilous and twizzly journey along Trefflepugga Path – a journey that will test all his majickal abilities to the very limits.

Join Matlock and a fregle of saztaculous majickal creatures, as he sets out along Trefflepugga Path in an adventure that will change his destiny forever, from the very first pid-pad he takes. And then perhaps, griffle yourself the question: just where would Trefflepugga Path take you…?

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