Rings of Significance

Rings of Significance

Susan E Jones


First-time writer's novel exploring the power of reminiscence.

  • ISBN 9781781324998
  • Published Feb 2016
  • Paperback
    216 x 140mm (270 pages)


April Lloyd has just begun a new life in beautiful Cornwall and is looking forward to quiet days that are free from the stresses of her former busy lifestyle. But the discovery of a long-lost ring on a local beach rekindles some old memories that compel her to confront the past even if it takes her far from the comfort of her home.

When their paths cross again after half a lifetime, April finds that the fervent, politically active young men she knew in her youth cut somewhat different figures in middle age. But as she travels between England, Italy and India, keen to renew acquaintances yet struggling to understand her often-conflicting emotions, some surprises are in store for her. Just how well we can ever know the people we journey with across time is a question that April must now begin to investigate if she is ever to conclude the unresolved chapters of her earlier life.

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J A Higgins