3d cover image for Roni la Rana by nicola maguire

Roni la Rana

(Roni the Frog)

Nicola Maguire

Follow Roni the Splendid Leaf Frog and learn Spanish!

  • ISBN 9781800420564
  • Published Sep 2021
  • 216 x 216mm (30 pages)


Roni la rana (Roni the frog) is ready for an adventure. Join her as she visits her friends on a counting adventure from the jungle to the sea. Who will she meet on the way? And will she find who she is looking for?

Learn Spanish while reading to your child for just 10 minutes per day. Roni la Rana is a fun story designed to help you learn lots of useful Spanish language phrases with a focus on greetings and numbers. With repetition, accompanying pronunciation guidance and beautiful illustrations you have key ingredients for language learning success.

Early exposure to a second language has been proven to stimulate brain development and encourage creativity and problem solving skills in babies and children, with many more benefits for adults too!

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