A Saintly Grave Disturbed

A Saintly Grave Disturbed

A DI Jeff Lincoln Short Read (Book 2 in the DI Jeff Lincoln series)

Nikki Copleston


A DI Jeff Lincoln short read, now in paperback.

  • ISBN 9781781328347
  • Published Oct 2018
  • Paperback
    178 x 127mm (168 pages)


When archaeologists Beth Tarrant and Josh Good excavate a ruined chapel at Barbury Abbey they don’t expect to uncover a modern mystery too…

Finding the tomb of a medieval abbot would mean a lot to Beth – fifty years ago, her grandfather was forced to abandon his own search for the tomb, but nobody knows why. Can Beth finish what he started?

As one incident after another threatens to sabotage the dig, Detective Inspector Jeff Lincoln is called in, and when a bungled burglary at the museum turns into murder he finds a shocking link to a case he’s already investigating.

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J A Higgins