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Samantha Candanedo was born and raised in Panama City, Panama. She moved to the UK to study & complete a degree in Economics and Finance with proficiency in Chinese from the University of Exeter and currently works as a researcher. She has also spent time studying at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. 

She is a travel and adventure enthusiast (she’s hitchhiked to the Netherlands for charity, backpacked through Australia and hiked up a volcano), an economist, techy and researcher. Samantha is a curious and giving individual who is passionate about finding solutions to problems.

Over the course of her educational and professional experience, she has tested and designed productivity and wellbeing tools based on reputable research and self-development books. These tools have helped her and her friends improve in these areas and she hopes that others will also benefit from her wellbeing/productivity journal, Habits by Design. 10% of the proceeds from Habits by Design will go to charity.
Habits by Design

Habits by Design

Samantha Candanedo



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