Sandra Edenís War

Sandra Edenís War

Mike Low


This is the story of one woman's involvement in the fight to help free Europe from the oppression of Nazism.

  • ISBN 9781781329122
  • Published Oct 2019
  • Paperback
    203 x 133mm (168 pages)


Sandra Edenís War tells the story of an SOE (Special Operations Executive) agent who is parachuted into France a few weeks before D-Day, in 1944, to co-ordinate French Resistance operations in disrupting German troop movements in and around Normandy. This is necessary in order to assist the Allied soldiers soon to be landing on the Normandy beaches.

The tale is one of bravery and resourcefulness, and gives an insight into the actions of the SOE, which was set up by Winston Churchill in 1940 to Ďset Europe ablazeí. There were a number of female SOE agents who served with honour and distinction during World War II.

The author was inspired to write Sandraís story after reading a number of true stories regarding SOE agents during the war, including The White Mouse, an autobiography of Nancy Wake who served in the SOE with great merit. Nancy was one of the most highly decorated women of World War II. She died in 2011.

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