Secrets of the Pomegranate

Secrets of the Pomegranate

Barbara Lamplugh


A story about two sisters bound by a lie. When Deborah is critically injured in the Madrid train bombings, Alice is terrified their secret – hidden for ten years – may come to light.

  • ISBN 9781781323694
  • Published Apr 2015
  • Paperback
    229 x 152mm (264 pages)
  • Also available as:
    Paperback £10.99


Secrets are dangerous; lies can rebound. And when discovery threatens to overturn your whole life…

‘The author’s love for and familiarity with Granada and life in Spain shine through on every page’ – Jill Foulston, author of La Vita E’ Bella

Passionate, free-spirited Deborah has finally found peace and a fulfilling relationship in her adopted city of Granada – but when she is seriously injured in the Madrid train bombings of 2004, it is her sister Alice who is forced to face the consequences of a deception they have maintained for ten years.

At Deborah’s home in Granada, Alice waits, ever more fearful. Will her sister live or die? And how long should she stay when each day brings the risk of what she most dreads, a confrontation with Deborah’s Moroccan ex-lover, Hassan? At stake is all she holds dear…

Secrets of the Pomegranate explores, with compassion, sensitivity and – despite the tragic events – humour, the complicated ties between sisters, between mothers and sons and between lovers, set against a background of cultural difference and prejudices rooted in Granada’s long history of Muslim-Christian struggles for power.

Secrets of the Pomegranate was selected as one of the Top Ten Self-Published Books 2015 by The Bookbag and has been awarded an IndieBrag Medallion

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