Services for Writers

Services for Writers

Polish your work before you publish...

Before you embark on your publishing journey, it's worth taking some time to make sure your work is the best it can be. There's nothing worse than opening a hot-off-the-press copy of your new book and seeing a mistake you wished you'd spotted earlier.

We offer a variety of services to help you polish your work before you submit your final manuscript... we also offer book promotion tools to support you once your SilverWood book is published... and if you're not quite ready to commit to self publishing, our editors can offer guidance before you submit your work to literary agents and mainstream publishers.

  • Copy-editing
  • Proofreading
  • Editorial appraisal
  • Ebook conversion
  • Additional ISBNs

Please note, we list all our prices to show VAT where applicable for UK and EU taxpayers, so that you can budget accurately and there are no nasty surprises when you pay.


One of the most important decisions an author can make is to have their work professionally copy-edited. It's a wise investment in the way you present yourself as a professional writer. Working professionally on your own manuscript can be difficult because you're so familiar with it, and correcting errors later in the production process may be costly. Having a third party copy-edit your manuscript before you make a submission can highlight errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling, terminology, consistency and continuity. A good copy-editor will also look at rhythm and phrasing, and ensure the prose flows well.

Copy-editing is also known as 'line-editing'. A copy-editor will go through your work on a character-by-character, line-by-line basis, closely examining the writing. During your copy-edit we will identify and correct errors, working to a style sheet so that consistency is maintained throughout. If appropriate, we may also make sensitive suggestions for small improvements in the prose - always working to maintain your author voice.

We will copy-edit and annotate your manuscript using Track Changes and the 'comments' function of Microsoft Word so that you can review the suggested amendments and accept them as appropriate. Your manuscript will then be ready for typesetting/page layout formatting.

Fee: priced per 1000 words according to subject matter and complexity


This option offers a last pair of fresh eyes over your manuscript before it goes to print. A final proofread is not a line-edit, and nor does it correct structural deficiencies. It's a final quality check which examines the typeset text for consistency of presentation, punctuation accuracy, and to identify typesetting errors. A proofread is rarely a substitute for a thorough and professional copy-edit. Find out more about proofreading in our Learning Zone article here.

Fee: priced per 1000 words according to subject matter and complexity

Manuscript Feedback

SilverWood's Manuscript Feedback service is a professional report on the strengths of your work, identifying areas for improvement. If you're not ready to start your publishing journey yet, but simply require feedback on your writing and perhaps some editorial advice, then an Initial Assessment is the perfect place to begin.

Send us the first 50 pages (approximately 3 chapters, or 15,000 words) of your manuscript plus a one-page synopsis and covering letter briefly outlining your aims for your work. We will make a preliminary assessment specific to the genre in which you're working. We'll examine and report back to you on commercial potential, structure and characterisation, along with a list of recommendations and advice about any areas of your manuscript which we feel may benefit from further improvement.

To find out more and purchase online, please click here.

Reader's Report

If the carefully compiled reporting of our Manuscript Feedback service is too detailed for you at this stage, then a simple Reader's Report may be a good interim step. A Reader's Report is a cost-effective way of receiving some reassurance about your work and its readiness for publication, or a few pointers on things you might do to make improvements.

Send us a one-page synopsis and the first 50 pages of your manuscript, and one of our readers will assess the work and offer feedback on the manuscript as a whole and some advice on where to go next. You'll receive a report of at least an A4 page comprising an overview of the work, a summary of strengths and areas for improvements, and a bullet point list of suggestions and recommendations.

Read more or buy online here.

Full Manuscript Appraisal

A full read-through and detailed appraisal of your complete manuscript, assessing structure, characterisation, plot development, and commercial potential. You'll receive a full written report to help you make positive changes to your work, with recommendations, suggestions, and advice about any areas of your manuscript which may benefit from further work.

As with the Initial Assessment service, our editors aim to be as thoughtful and sensitive as possible in making suggestions. Advice is intended to be positive and constructive, with the aim of helping you to improve your work.

Fee: priced per 1000 words according to genre, complexity and level of feedback required

Poetry Appraisal

Our two poetry editors (one a Royal Fellow) are published academics who are able to offer knowledgeable and expert feedback on your poetry. An appraisal includes some overall feedback in the form of a written report, plus some line-by-line feedback on individual poems, guidance for making improvements, and a reading list to help you develop your skills.

Fee: priced per poem

One-to-One Editorial Support

Many of our writers approach Editorial Support as a longterm project, forming a supportive, one-to-one mentoring relationship with an editor over a period of time. This arrangement allows you to concentrate on issues that are relevant to you and your work within a structured and supportive framework.

Each Editorial Support arrangement is different, being uniquely tailored to an individual writer and their work, but typically a writer and an editor would work together on a monthly basis over a period of time, with goals clearly defined at the outset.

Each month, your editor will engage in a full read-through of an individual chapter (or chapters) of your manuscript. He or she will assess structure, characterisation, plot development, dialogue and other elements of the 'writer's craft' within the context of your previous writing and your aims. You'll receive your manuscript in Microsoft Word, marked up using the Comments function with suggestions which should help you to make positive improvements to your writing. Recommendations and aims will be established for the next month, so that you have a clear idea of where your work is going.

Fee: priced per 1000 words according to genre, complexity and level of feedback required

Literary Agent Submission Package Service

This service is ideal if you're planning to submit your work to literary agents or mainstream publishers before committing to self publishing.

Most literary agents receive between 50 and 100 submissions a week, yet only sign up 1 or 2 authors a year. Those are long odds if you're seeking representation for your manuscript.

Maximise the chances of your submission getting past the first round of the selection process with excellent presentation, professionalism and outstanding content. These are things you can achieve yourself with hard work, research and persistence, but sometimes professional assistance can make all the difference between a request to see the whole manuscript and yet another rejection slip.

SilverWood Books offers knowledgeable recommendations and suggestions for how to polish and perfect your submission package, with advice on what your covering letter should contain, how to write a synopsis, and what persuades an agent to move beyond these initial documents to your sample chapters.

Fee: £140 + vat - read more or buy online here.

Ebook Conversion

If you would like your book to be published in ebook formats in addition to paperback and hardback editions, please let us know and we'll outline the options for you.

Our ebook conversion service ensures that your book is carefully laid out and formatted by hand (taking care to preserve features which can be lost in auto-conversion, such as page breaks, indents, italic or bold text, and correct line spacing) and then converts to .epub and .mobi files. Files are tested on several e-reading devices including Kindle, iPad, Kobo Aura H2O, and smartphone to ensure that your book presents perfectly no matter which device your readers use. We allocate a unique ISBN and distribute to a wide range of e-book portals for maximum coverage in as many world territories as possible. Retailers and wholesalers include Amazon’s Kindle, Gardners Books, the Ingram Book Group, Apple’s iBookstore, Books from Microsoft, Diesel eBooks, WHSmith Kobo and Barnes & Noble Nook.

We particularly recommend ePub files because they have a built-in structure which allows the text to be adapted to the particular needs of the reader, making your work more readily available to readers who can't enjoy standard print editions of books because of (for example) sight loss or dyslexia.

Fee: charged according to complexity of content

Cover or dustjacket design for your book in an additional format

If you would like your book to be published in both paperback and hardback editions, please budget for this supplementary design charge. A hardback dustjacket design will be somewhat different to the paperback cover design because of additional flaps on the dustjacket and the re-positioning of some elements of the images and/or type. This involves additional time for our design team, who will also need to prepare an extra print-ready file for the hardback (or paperback) edition of your book.

To find out more or get an estimate please drop us a line.


We can turn your handwritten manuscript into a Microsoft Word document that complies with our submission guidelines.

Fee: priced per 1000 words established on appraisal of handwritten manuscript


Along with your Word files as email attachments, please post a paper copy of your work. We can print a copy of your manuscript but will make this small additional charge to cover the cost of paper and ink.

Additional amendments of your text at print proof stage

Even the smallest amendment can result in the need for re-formatting of an entire document, which may be costly. We recommend that you have your manuscript professionally proofread and copy-edited before submission to avoid unnecessary changes later.

Our pre-press packages allow for one or two small amendments (that do not affect pagination) per chapter at the print proof stage. Due to the time and care involved in making changes, further amendments that you choose to make will incur additional charges.

Our pre-press packages allow for one proof to be sent to you. If you require a second or third proof after amendments we will make an additional charge.

Writing & re-writing

All the help you need to polish your prose to perfection, or we can ghost-write an entire book.

Fee: charged according to the complexity of the project

Additional ISBN and barcode

If you're publishing in paperback, hardback and epub then you'll need a separate ISBN for each format. We issue and register the ISBN, upload metadata to our Nielsen Enhanced Data Listings, and add reviews or other new sales information as it becomes available.

Privilege Pass

In the world of mainstream publishing authors are rarely able to schedule meetings with their publisher, or sit down with a design team to discuss ideas or go through amendments and corrections to proofs of their book. It's not the most time-efficient way to progress a publishing project. Therefore, because we try to keep costs down for our authors, we don't include on-going meetings within our publishing packages. However, we can offer a Privilege Pass. Each pass offers you an opportunity to come into the SilverWood studios and discuss your project with one of the editorial team, or to sit with your cover designer for up to an hour while they work on your book according to your requirements.

Authors signed with SilverWood can read more and buy online here.

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