Services-Only Terms and Conditions

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If you have received a Services-Only estimate and wish to proceed, please download our terms and conditions and send your Production Order to the team.

Please click here to download: Services-Only-Terms-and-Conditions.pdf

SilverWood’s services-only terms and conditions are intended for use by self-publishing authors wishing to purchase production services from SilverWood, usually using their own ISBNs, and self-distributing the resulting books and ebooks.

If required, ISBNs can be purchased and registered here: If you wish to be the publisher of record for your book(s) we recommend that you only purchase ISBNs directly from Nielsen and not from re-sellers, who would then be the publisher of record for your book, and who may make additional charges.

Our terms and conditions are copyright SilverWood Books Limited. They may be updated from time to time.

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Terms and conditions have an important role to play in establishing an arrangement between two parties, helping them to understand their responsibilities, duties and rights. However at SilverWood we recognise that legal documents can appear daunting, so we endeavour to use plain English where possible, and standard publishing terminology throughout.

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