3d cover image for the shrew with the flu by will Hamilton davies

The Shrew with the Flu [Hardback]

Will Hamilton-Davies

Have you heard of the little shrew that got so greedy he ate an entire forest?

  • ISBN 9781781329832
  • Published Oct 2020
  • 280 x 245mm (32 pages)
  • Also available as:


Rustling under a leafy tree,

A greedy shrew could hardly see…

Shrew has spent his entire life using only one sense to hunt – his sense of smell. Until a horrible case of the flu forces him to make use of the rest of his senses. Once he hones the art of hunting – using more than just his nose – he can’t help but gobble up every snack in sight. The question is, can Shrew restore the forest he so dearly loves?

The Shrew with The Flu is a wonderfully warm and endearing story by budding author Will Hamilton-Davies, created in partnership with illustrator Jennifer Davison. The combination of rhyming verse and rich, vibrant illustrations, makes this environmentally themed story the perfect read-aloud for every family.

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The Shrew with the Flu is also available in paperback.

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