Book cover for 'Shy and Simple Warrior' by R.H. Parr

A Shy and Simple Warrior

R. H. Parr


A biography of intrepid sailor George Lancaster.

  • ISBN 9781781323854
  • Published Nov 2015
  • Paperback
    216 x 140mm (318 pages)


An inspiring account of struggle, survival and coping with life during the early twentieth century…

Two sailors sit astride camels at the Pyramids, on leave from guarding Suez against attack in 1914. Crewmen scramble from the flooded engine room of their cruiser Warrior as it sinks at the Battle of Jutland. British warships shell Bolshevik troops in Estonia in 1919. The Royal Navy visits Japan in 1928 to celebrate Hirohito’s Coronation. Excited Plymouth children, blitzed out of their school, watch an American soldier’s lasso tricks just before D-Day.

This biography of a sailor, George Lancaster, views a half-century of history from his novel perspectives. George experienced world wars, revolutions, sectarian atrocities and the Great Depression. Serving in the Royal Navy across the globe, he witnessed British imperial display and decline, and saw civil conflict in countries – Russia, Turkey and China – where nationalist movements were filling the void created by the collapse of empires.

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