A Story for the Children of Today

A Story for the Children of Today

Diana Thomson


A story of time-travel, friendship, and saving the environment sits alongside original illustrations by the author.

  • ISBN 9781781328484
  • Published Feb 2019
  • Paperback
    216 x 280mm (84 pages)
  • Also available as:
    Hardback £30.00


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You can change the path on which the world is travelling.

A boy and his dog go on an extraordinary and enlightening adventure into the past and discover a cleaner and less polluted world, where they meet some extremely intelligent girls with clever and inspiring ideas.

Getting home presents a practical problem, but with the help of the creative Goddess Freya, and his own ingenuity, the boy manages the seemingly impossible.

Featuring beautiful and lively original watercolour illustrations, A Story for the Children of Today will engage, educate and excite readers both young and old.

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J A Higgins