Tales of the Wulfsuna

Tales of the Wulfsuna

E S Moxon


In the words of the Wolf Sons: their sagas, their songs

  • ISBN 9781781329214
  • Published Aug 2020
  • Paperback
    152 x 102mm (42 pages)


Tales of the Wulfsuna are six tales presented in both Modern and Old English, written from the perspectives of key characters in Wulfsuna (Wolf Spear Saga 1).

Capturing vivid memories of members of the ‘Wolf Sons’ Saxon tribe, they emotively convey the sagas that shaped their lives, in their own ancient language and in their own humble way.

A fictional feast for lovers of Old English with alternative views of events from the novel.

A unique companion to Wulfsuna with detailed forewords by author E S Moxon and Prof. Stephen Pollington (author, speaker and historian) who says of the project: "The opportunity to produce fresh Old English songs proved too tempting.”

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