Things That Bounded

Things That Bounded

Fiona Graph


A body in a burned-out church – the suffragettes – women’s fashion – a jumping dog – London gay lives in 1930: ‘Things That Bounded’ joins the dots.

  • ISBN 9781800420076
  • Published Oct 2020
  • Paperback
    203 x 127mm (276 pages)


Ellen and Kate were best friends and committed suffragettes. On the eve of the Great War, Kate burned down a church. A man died and she disappeared. Sixteen years later, Ellen and her brother Freddie have rebuilt their lives after the trauma of war and loss. She is overjoyed when Kate reappears. But Kate is consumed by remorse over the death. They enlist the help of Alec, Freddie's ex-lover, to find out what happened that day in the church. There are ties from the past that bind them all: guilt, fear, pride. Can they break free from these and reclaim the lives they deserve?

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