Thoughts on Architecture, Myths and Management

Thoughts on Architecture, Myths and Management

Thomas Saunders


Unique views through the lens of folk wisdom.

  • ISBN 9781781329566
  • Published Mar 2020
  • Paperback
    178 x 127mm (204 pages)


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Architecture – the status of its institutions, the relevance of the teaching curricula and the fragmentation of the role of architects in practice – reflects the prevailing ethos of our society and culture.

Whatever the changing, existential cycles of order and chaos, the core of the fundamental principles of design constantly connects the ancient polymath ‘architects’ with our twenty-first-century practitioners to create spiritually uplifting, healthy, sustainable environments that enhance our wellbeing and welfare.

These abiding principles are based on the world’s natural phenomena and human nature. The full spectrum of our innate tendencies, patterns of behaviour and the essential elements of leadership, management and organisation, are encoded in the perennial myths and authentic folk wisdom stories.

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