How to Silence Self Doubt and Turn Up Your Power

Bridie Walker


How to Silence Self Doubt and Turn Up Your Power.

  • ISBN 9781800420977
  • Published Jul 2021
  • Paperback
    216 x 140mm (150 pages)


Do you ever feel like your life is scripted and you are playing a starring role where you have no control over what actually happens?

Does it feel like the harder you try the further you fall as if somehow life has a hidden agenda?

Are you fed up with just existing? Do you want to know how you can become confident, fulfilled and live the life you dream of?

In Unstoppable, Bridie Walker will show you how to take control of your life and teach you how to create and reinvent yourself, your way!

In this book, Bridie shares how she used her own pain as her power, overcame failure and tragedy to beat all the odds stacked against her.

Unstoppable will teach you how to create an Unstoppable Mindset, build Unstoppable Confidence and achieve Unstoppable Success.

Visit www.bridie-walker.com for details on all courses and coaching packages.

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