Visions of Girlhood

Visions of Girlhood

Woodford County High School

Rosemary Davis

A thoroughly researched look at the history of Woodford County High School, featuring the words and artwork of pupils and teachers through the years.

  • ISBN 9781781328859
  • Published Sep 2019
  • 229 x 152mm (294 pages)


The story of Woodford County High School has been written to coincide with the centenary of the School. Founded in 1919, in the troubled aftermath of war, its history mirrors the time in which it grew and developed.

Seen through the eyes of young girls over the last century, itís possible to glimpse the world in which they grew up; the customs of the day, their schooling, their hopes and expectations and ambitions for their futures.

Although it has a special relevance to those associated with the School, either as pupils or staff, the history will appeal to those with an interest in local and social history. Written by former pupil Rosemary Davis, the history is derived from the writings and opinions of girls and teachers whose visions of girlhood exist in the Schoolís magazine archive.

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