The Wolf Hunters

The Wolf Hunters

Len McCabe

Karin and Peric embark on an adventure when their tribes' plan to share resources for the approaching winter is interrupted by marauding wolves.

  • ISBN 9781781325315
  • Published Aug 2016
  • 203 x 133mm (204 pages)


At the age of just sixteen, Karin has been entrusted by his tribe to trek to a neighbouring settlement, on a mission to offer to pool food reserves for what threatens to be a bleak and severe winter. On the trail, he meets Peric, a boy of his own age, coincidentally on the same mission for his tribe, the Brezecs. The two boys become firm friends and allies.

A story of bloody battles, wolf hunts and growing up, The Wolf Hunters follows the lives of Karin, Peric and their siblings as they strive to find love and happiness within a tribal community in prehistoric Norway. At the mercy of marauding wolves and a vicious rival tribe, Karin is faced with his biggest challenge yet: leading the tribes downstream to find ‘The Big Water’, a legendary land of plenty. If they can find it, their lives and the lives of future generations will be secured, but does it really exist?

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